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Agnieszka Pestka lives in New York City.

​A circuitous journey from her native Poland led her to America after spending an enlightening decade abroad. Residing in various European countries, she traveled the continent extensively. Asia and Australia would follow, where she immersed herself in the unique and vibrant culture of those diverse destinations.


Arriving in New York, Pestka enrolled at the renowned School of Visual Arts. She pursued a broad curriculum, studying silk-screening, sculpture and etching. Intending to hone her skills as a photographer, she instead discovered an innate passion for metalwork and enthusiastically embraced it as her signature style. 


Pestka’s innovative technique is vividly expressed in lustrous etched zinc plates as well as in sculpture. From her Manhattan studio, she forges and welds strips of raw sheet metal - bending, shaping and polishing the medium at will - transforming it into gleaming creations. 


Pestka finds metal to be the ultimate blank canvas. Its alternating brilliance and sharp edges serving as a metaphor in which to evoke the complex constellation of human thoughts and emotions. 


Her achievements have met with critical acclaim while on display at galleries and art shows across Europe and the United States.

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