Pestka Agnieszka resides in New York City where she draws daily inspiration from its unsurpassed cultural and artistic venues. The circuitous journey from her native Poland to America lasted a decade. At various times, she either lived in or traveled extensively to Tokyo, Barcelona, London and Sydney. While abroad, she immersed herself in the unique and vibrant atmosphere of each of these diverse destinations.  Arriving in New York, Pestka’s career took a fateful turn. Her keen eye and love of fine art, coupled with an expertise in photography, led her to enroll at Manhattan’s renowned School of Visual Arts. Intending to hone her skills as a photographer, she pursued a broad curriculum, studying silk-screening, sculpture and etching. It was at this time that Aga discovered her innate passion for sculpture, enthusiastically embracing it as her signature technique.


The artist was thoroughly intrigued by how metals could be melded to channel one’s deepest fears, hopes and desires. Feminine subjects are a recurrent theme in Pestka’s works, serving as a metaphor for her innermost sensibilities while propelling her to new heights of imagination and creativity.


Her art portrays the complex and ever changing constellation of human thoughts and emotions, while evoking the roiling undercurrent of tensions and conflicts raging within them.